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Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner

Information and Privacy Commissioner outlines privacy concerns for youth and how to deal with them

Fri, Nov 20, 2020

WHITEHORSE - As part of National Child Day activities for 2020, Yukon Information and Privacy Commissioner Diane McLeod-McKay was interviewed by Whitehorse teen Max Zimmermann to discuss online privacy concerns and good practices for youth. Zimmermann is the host of a youth-led video series called Global Action, Local Voices, a project of the Yukon Child and Youth Advocate.

The online interview took place on National Child Day, November 20th, and covered privacy issues of interest to teens, including social media and the use of algorithms to track and influence the behaviour of social media users. McLeod-McKay outlined ways that teens can protect themselves from privacy risks, including being careful about what they post, considering where information originated and taking care that it’s a reputable source, and staying informed about the risks.

McLeod-McKay also noted a new privacy protection bill which was recently tabled in the House of Commons. If passed, it will set new controls on the way personal information is collected and used by businesses.